NLH Holiday Buyers Guide

      Next Level Hardware "Dream PC" Configuration



CPU Choice: Intel QX9650 Processor - $1100.00

Motherboard Choice: Gigabyte X38T-DQ6 - $299.00

Memory Choice: 2X1GB Corsair Dominator DDR3-1800 CAS7 - $579.00


Storage Choice for Boot Drive: 2 X Mtron Professional Solid State Drives $777.00 each

Storage Choice for Data Drive: 2 X Western Digital Raptor 150 - $160 each


Hardware Controller Choice for Solid State Drives: Areca 1231ML 12-Port SATA Raid Controller $864.00


Video Card Choice: EVGA 8800 Ultra $660.00



LCD Choice: Dell 3007WFP $1180.00


Power Supply Choice: Silverstone Olympia 1000 OP1000 - $339.00


DVD/CD Burner Choice: Sony Blu-Ray DVD Burner $599.00


Computer Case Choice:  Lian Li PC201B $299.00

The grand total is: $7839 for our December 2007 Next Level Hardware "Dream PC" Configuration. The proper ending to this holiday buyers guide is direct: KEEP DREAMING!!!!

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