IPEX Releases Statement Regarding Counterfeit CPU's Shipped to Newegg


Author: Dominick V. Strippoli

"Press release as of 5:40PM EST from Ipex, Infotech Regarding Fake Intel Core i7 Processors"

The latest news as of 5PM today was that the entire situation has somehow made its way back to IPEX as being the source or middleman whom shipped these processors to Newegg from Intel. From my understanding of the PR release from Cathy Liu that you will read shortly, a very nice lady might I add. I got a feeling that after Newegg's statement or speculative claim that was posted on Overclockers.com and HardOCP of potentially dropping IPEX in all future business transactions that this PR release would be along these similar lines. From what I can read between the lines I am assuming that Newegg ordered this batch of Core i7-920 CPU's from IPEX Infotech and Ipex ordered directly from Intel and/or another supplier before Intel. So, we are still on the investigative end of finding out where along the supply chain of leaving the Intel Warehouse, moving along to other distributors before Ipex, and than finally ending up in the Newegg Facility. Somewhere along the way the processors got switched. I am hoping the investigation brings about more information because all of us are getting very eager. I sent a short and sweet e-mail to the Public Relations and primary correspondence person Cathy Liu at Ipex Infotech and this is the response that I got from her:

On 3/9/2010 5:22 PM, Cathy Liu wrote:

Here is the statement from Ipex, and hopefully it has been answered your question: 

Dominick, Here is the statement from Ipex and hopefully it answered your question. Ipex has been supplying computer components to the technology industry for over 10 years with the goal of providing quality products and services to our customers.  Recently we were referenced in connection with some counterfeit Intel Core i7 920 Microprocessors sold within the US market. While we purchased these products in good faith from a supplier we are very disappointed to learn of the questionable status of these products and are taking appropriate action to resolve the issue for any impacted Ipex client as well as are fully cooperating with Intelís investigation in to determining the original source. 

Ipex Infotech, inc.

From the time I had sent my initial request to receiving this response it took around 20 minutes so I am assuming this was a general acknowledgement type of PR response all set and ready to be set to any media outlets and inquiries like myself. In any event, I thanked her shortly after and received another polite and quick reply of:

Thanks, Dom.

In the whole case, Ipex is a middle man and has no intention to create a part as this. To the end, we got hurt.

Intel is on the top of issue already.

To me it looks as though IPEX is clearly hurting from this issue and I do not blame them. Since we still do not have any of the real hard investigative evidence I am not going to include any more of my personal or speculative opinion on this matter. This update is a simple PR release from IPEX, nothing more. I promise to keep everyone posted should any more information arise in this matter.

Cheers. Dominick

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